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Emily Howard

"I'll have a ladies drink sil vous plait"

Emily Howard or Eddie Howard is an unconvincing transvestite who owns a guest house in Old Haven. She wears clothing almost Victorian in appearance and typically falls back into his manly mannerisms ending sentences with "and shit" when he runs out of lady like things to say.

Eddie Howard was born in 1962. After leaving school he worked as a Docker, a Hod-carrier and spent some time in the SAS.

Eddie's TV appearances include guest on Kilroy (the topic 'My wife has left me for wearing her dresses') and Trisha ('Cocks in Frocks'). Eddie has auditioned many times for the Oldhaven Amateur Dramatics Society but has so far failed to be casted as Juliet, Blanche Dubois or Lady Bracknell.

In series two of Little Britain we get to meet Emily's friend who is also a lady. Florence Rose is an elegant lady who likes to do ladylike things. Ofthen the pair can be seen riding a tandem. Florence has a moustache and just to play in defence for QPR.

In a Comic Relief sketch featuring both Emily and Florence, a slovenly looking Robbie Williams makes a cameo appearance and joins the pair in wearing some ladies things.

The US TV network that broadcasted Little Britain USA, HBO described Emily Howard as "a Lady visiting Pittsburgh. She is a transvestite and has a lovely wife and two children back home in Britain".

Did You Know? There is also an Emily Howard who is a composer.

Emily Howard Stars in: Little Britain Series 1, Little Britain Series 2, Little Britain Series 3, Little Britain Abroad and Little Britain USA

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